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Drew Steele is the host of Daybreak on 92.5 FOX News. Born in Long Island, New York, Drew moved to Florida in 1986 to finish college at the University of South Florida with a degree in Business Finance.He has been on the radio in Southwest Florida for over 24 years. Drew has also had a successful music career. In 2000 he signed a contract with EMI Music Publishing. He has worked with artists such as John Rich of country duo Big and Rich, John Michael Montgomery, Trick Pony, Selena Gomez, Chris Kirkpatrick of Nsync and many others. Drew has had Billboard Top 20 hits as well as movie soundtracks. Drew is still writing and producing music today. Throughout his over 24 years in local radio, Drew watched Southwest Florida grow and change, which piqued his interest in local and national politics. He has always been, and remains, a strong conservative voice among his peers. His passion for politics inspired him to make his mark on political talk radio at 92.5 Fox News. In his spare time, Drew likes to write and produce music and spend time with his wife, his son and his Australian Shepherd.


Air date/time: 08-31-2015 6:30 am

Keep Your Eye on This Middle School Quarterback and See What He Does That Has the Video Going Viral

Air date/time: 08-28-2015 8:30 am

Cape Coral Happenings and Going Ons

Air date/time: 08-28-2015 7:30 am

Two Missouri men have been arrested in the death of Dr. Teresa Sievers, Lee County Sheriff Mike Scott in studio to discuss the case.

Air date/time: 08-28-2015 7:00 am

Current Profession: Senior Account Manager in Database Marketing Time in Cape Coral: 31 years (native of Cape Coral) Education: Bachelor's Degree in Liberal Arts with concentration on Middle Eastern Studies; Florida Atlantic University. Military: None Professional Background: Journalism, Database Marketing Government Experience: None Civic/Professional/Non-Profit Organizations: Volunteer at Cape Coral Hospital, Animal Foster for Lee County Animal Services, CERT certified Government Committees: None Family: Married, two children

Air date/time: 08-26-2015 8:00 am

Current Profession: Certified Public Accountant Time in Cape Coral: 6 years Education: B.S. in Accounting, University of North Carolina at Greensboro Military: U.S. Air Force Professional Background: Accounting Government Experience: None Civic/Professional/Non-Profit Organizations: Chamber of Commerce, National Assoc. of Tax Professionals, Finance Committee (Treasurer)- Faith Presbyterian Church, Peace River Presbytery, Elks Lodge, U.S. Power Squadron. Government Committees: None Family: Married, two children, four grandchildren

Air date/time: 08-26-2015 8:00 am

Current Profession: Attorney- Law Office of Samuel J. Fisher Time in Cape Coral: 2 years Education: BA Degree in Pyschology; Rutgers University. Law Degree; Mississippi College Military: None Professional Background: Attorney, State at the Office of Criminal Conflict and Civil Regional Counsel Government Experience: None Civic/Professional/Non-Profit Organizations: Lee County Bar Assoc. Government Committees: None Family: Married, three children

Air date/time: 08-26-2015 8:00 am

Collier County School Board News

Air date/time: 08-26-2015 6:30 am

China Markets and Republican Race

Air date/time: 08-25-2015 8:35 am

Current Profession: CDL Driver; Hughes Plumbing Supply. Owner; Juke Box Hero- DJ, Entertainment Service Time in Cape Coral: 24 years Education: Military: U.S. Navy Professional Background: Professional driver Government Experience: None Civic/Professional/Non-Profit Organizations: Meals on Wheels, Crime Watch Block Captain, United Way, misc. veterans groups Government Committees: None Family: Married, two children

Air date/time: 08-25-2015 8:15 am

Current Profession: Battalion Chief, Cape Coral Fire Dept. (retiring Sept. 2015) Time in Cape Coral: 35 years Education: High School Diploma, courses at Florida State Fire College, National Fire Academy, Barry University, Edison College. Military: None Professional Background: Firefighter, EMS, Paramedic Government Experience: None Civic/Professional/Non-Profit Organizations: Cape Coral Professional Firefighters Union (president), Pop Warner Coach (Cape Coral), Big Brother Big Sister, United Way Government Committees: None Family: Married, two children (grown), two step-children (grown)

Air date/time: 08-25-2015 8:10 am

Current Profession: Retired, co-owner of Cape Charters Time in Cape Coral: 33 years Education: Bachelor's Degree in Public Communication, Barry University Military: None Professional Background: Administrative Asst., U.S. Dept. of Defense/Treasury Dept., Realtor, Tax Returns Government Experience: Cape Coral City Council Member, Lee Memorial Health Systems Board Civic/Professional/Non-Profit Organizations: Uncommon Friends Foundation, BUPAC, Cape Coral Kiwanis, Ft. Myers Republican Women’s Club, Lee Republican Women Federated, SW Cape Coral Neighborhood Assn., Calusa Chapter, Military Officers Assn of America, Deacon- Faith Presbyterian Church, Lee Memorial Health System Foundation, Cape Coral Hospital Auxiliary, American Red Cross- Lee County Chapter, Cape Coral Chamber of Commerce (Govt. Affairs/Membership Chair), Cultural Park Theatre (President/member), Samaritan Counseling Center Board, Council for Progress, Children’s Science Center, Zonta and Pro-Cape, Charter Member, Children’s Alliance for Lee and C

Air date/time: 08-25-2015 8:05 am

Jeb Bush not ready to be President? How about Marco Rubio...or Ted Cruz sneaking into nomination? And of course there's always THE TRUMP.

Air date/time: 08-25-2015 7:40 am

A Lee County teen was beaten at school. Now, the United States Department of Education is taking action against Lee County Schools. By October 15th all staff, which includes thousands of people, have to under go training for laws against discrimination. "She was hit in her band class in the locker room and he actually pushed her and shoved her and the longer and she couldn't take anymore she yelled at him to stop," Jaclyn Perez, the victim's mother, said. "She was taken down to the principals office and the principal told her this was cause-and-effect and if she had kept her mouth shut she would've only gotten hit once," Perez said. Jaclyn Perez didn't know she'd be battling bullies for the next two years, protecting her daughter not only from a student, but she says from staff too. "I was told I wasn't a good mother that I should take my daughter home that they weren't babysitters that she was a needy child and she could've probably provoked the incident because of the way she looks because she's cute," Pe

Air date/time: 08-25-2015 7:08 am

Lee County School News - Perez Bullying issue

Air date/time: 08-25-2015 6:30 am
Air date/time: 08-25-2015 6:08 am
Air date/time: 08-24-2015 8:00 am
Air date/time: 08-24-2015 8:00 am

Kirk LaGrasta Age: 48 Profession: Retired police officer

Air date/time: 08-24-2015 8:00 am

Bakers Who Were Fined $135,000 for Gay Wedding Cake Refusal Deliver a Major Surprise — and a Powerful Message — to 10 Gay Rights Groups. - Just Watch How Donald Trump Reacts When Reporter Yells at Him for Using ‘Offensive’ Term During Presser - Josh Duggar Breaks Silence About Porn and Infidelity Amid Ashley Madison Claims: ‘I Have Been the Biggest Hypocrite Ever’

Air date/time: 08-21-2015 8:35 am

Anthony Ross "Tony" Katz (born 1972) is an American radio host, author, and political commentator. He hosts a daily radio show called Tony Katz Tonight on 93.1FM WIBC in Indianapolis. Before that, he was the host of The Tony Katz Show on FM News Talk 97.1FM in St. Louis. He also hosted various daily shows with the All Patriots Media Network.

Air date/time: 08-21-2015 6:40 am

Chris Hudson is a recognized political professional with a multitude of accomplishments and extensive experience. His comprehensive background includes everything from campaign management to grassroots organizing and nonprofit work, in addition to policy analysis and preparation of legislation while working at both state and federal legislative offices.

Air date/time: 08-21-2015 6:40 am

In modern America, the civil society is being steadily devoured by a ubiquitous federal government. But as the government grows into an increasingly authoritarian and centralized federal Leviathan, many parents continue to tolerate, if not enthusiastically champion, grievous public policies that threaten their children and successive generations with a grim future at the hands of a brazenly expanding and imploding entitlement state poised to burden them with massive debt, mediocre education, waves of immigration, and a deteriorating national defense.

Air date/time: 08-20-2015 8:00 am
Air date/time: 08-20-2015 7:00 am
Air date/time: 08-19-2015 8:30 am
Air date/time: 08-19-2015 8:00 am

Cape Coral sidewalks and bike path planning.

Air date/time: 08-19-2015 7:35 am

Talking about the Naples Pier and Gulfshore Trees

Air date/time: 08-19-2015 7:00 am

Talking about the FSA. Need to take paper exams. Transgender policy language and Blue Zones.

Air date/time: 08-19-2015 6:30 am

Sunshine State News

Air date/time: 08-18-2015 7:30 am
Air date/time: 08-18-2015 6:30 am
Air date/time: 08-17-2015 8:30 am

FMPD Chief Doug Baker firing.

Air date/time: 08-17-2015 8:00 am

Nicole Thornton is a Bridge to Wellbeing instructor for Americans for Prosperity Foundation, focused on teaching courses about the Constitution and individual rights. As a high school history teacher in Henrico Country, Virginia for eight years, she has served in several leadership roles, including as advisor for the Student Government Association and as a community service director. Nicole is also an active member of her local church community, serving as director of young adult ministry, praise and worship leader, and serving in leadership positions within women’s and outreach ministries. Nicole graduated from the University of Delaware with a degree in history education. She plans to continue to spread the message of limited government and liberty through teaching.

Air date/time: 08-17-2015 7:30 am

Local politics and perspective

Air date/time: 08-14-2015 8:00 am

Drew discusses the Current Investigation of the Superintendent and other District Issues.

Air date/time: 08-13-2015 8:00 am

Drew talks to the Crew at Shula's where we were broadcasting the show LIVE.

Air date/time: 08-12-2015 8:00 am
Air date/time: 08-11-2015 8:30 am

Florida Politics and State News. Redistricting issue.

Air date/time: 08-11-2015 7:30 am
Air date/time: 08-11-2015 6:35 am

Navy Commander - Ferguson - Railroad Worker Heard Teens Mocking the State of a 75-Year-Old Man’s House, ‘Stewed About It for a Few Days, Then Decided to Do Something’

Air date/time: 08-10-2015 8:30 am

Ted Cruz and GOP debate

Air date/time: 08-10-2015 7:30 am

2015 GOP Debate

Air date/time: 08-07-2015 8:30 am

2015 Debate - Collier County News

Air date/time: 08-07-2015 7:30 am

Blue Moon Killing in Pensacola

Air date/time: 08-06-2015 8:00 am
Air date/time: 08-06-2015 6:30 am

Budget Committee Meeting for Collier County School Board

Air date/time: 08-05-2015 8:00 am
Air date/time: 08-05-2015 7:00 am
Air date/time: 08-05-2015 6:30 am
Air date/time: 08-04-2015 8:30 am
Air date/time: 08-04-2015 8:00 am
Air date/time: 08-04-2015 7:30 am
Air date/time: 08-04-2015 7:30 am
Air date/time: 08-04-2015 6:30 am

Education in Lee and Collier Counties

Air date/time: 08-03-2015 8:00 am

Collier County School Board Meeting and Budget

Air date/time: 08-03-2015 7:00 am

Lee County School Board News

Air date/time: 07-31-2015 8:30 am

founded in 2011. In just four years FGA has grown to one of the top five biggest state-based think tanks in the country with $4 million in revenue and fourteen staff.

Air date/time: 07-31-2015 8:00 am
Air date/time: 07-31-2015 7:30 am

The State of Florida’s Auditor General’s Office responsible for internal audit functions for various governmental entities State Attorney in Tampa as the Director of Finance and Public Information Officer Executive Director for the Twentieth Judicial Circuit for the then acting State Attorney Joseph P. D’Alessandro responsible for all budgeting, public relations, human resources, and state lobbying functions for the five-county Southwest Florida area

Air date/time: 07-31-2015 7:00 am

Collier School Board News

Air date/time: 07-31-2015 6:30 am

University of New Hampshire "bias free" handbook.

Air date/time: 07-30-2015 8:30 am

Lee handled our nuclear weapons arsenal during time in military. - Iranian Nukes, and John Kerry

Air date/time: 07-30-2015 8:00 am

Columnist for the Washington Times on Trump, Bush, and rest of field.

Air date/time: 07-30-2015 7:30 am

Top stories of the morning: New Polls Trump leads Bush in FLA.

Air date/time: 07-30-2015 7:00 am

Author of "Chasing Bandits" - Clinton's email woes and the rules of classified information.

Air date/time: 07-30-2015 6:30 am

University of Cincinnati Police Video - Cecil the Lion - Planned Parent Hood

Air date/time: 07-30-2015 6:00 am

Gravitas polling - top stories of the morning.

Air date/time: 07-29-2015 8:00 am

Worked Mike Huckabee's 2008 campaign regarding Huckabee's Iranian "holocaust" comments

Air date/time: 07-29-2015 7:30 am

Former Congressman on Trump and Obama

Air date/time: 07-29-2015 7:30 am

Served time in the Clinton White House and wrote the book "Unliminted Access" in the 90s about Hillary Clinton's email scandel.

Air date/time: 07-29-2015 7:00 am

Trump surges in NH poll over Jeb Bush

Air date/time: 07-29-2015 6:00 am

Hillary Clinton, and Planned Parenthood Videos

Air date/time: 07-29-2015 5:30 am

Guest Host Doug Kellett

Air date/time: 07-29-2015 5:00 am

Trump, Huckabee and the Majority.

Air date/time: 07-28-2015 8:30 am
Air date/time: 07-28-2015 8:30 am
Air date/time: 07-28-2015 6:30 am

Demonic Statue in Detroit

Air date/time: 07-27-2015 8:30 am
Air date/time: 07-27-2015 7:30 am
Air date/time: 07-24-2015 8:30 am

Live from Laredo Texas - Talking about Trump

Air date/time: 07-24-2015 8:00 am

Cape Coral Happenings

Air date/time: 07-24-2015 7:30 am
Air date/time: 07-23-2015 8:00 am

Marine Returning Home, Fish Poachers, Marco Island Rental Issue

Air date/time: 07-23-2015 7:30 am
Air date/time: 07-22-2015 7:30 am
Air date/time: 07-22-2015 6:30 am
Air date/time: 07-21-2015 8:30 am
Air date/time: 07-21-2015 7:30 am

Unquestionable bravery: Naples native earns Bronze Star for his courageous actions in Afghanistan His team of special operations Marines was outmanned and outgunned. Taliban insurgents were lobbing grenades at them, as bullets whizzed past them from what seemed to be every angle.

Air date/time: 07-21-2015 7:20 am
Air date/time: 07-20-2015 8:30 am

Happening in Estero, FL

Air date/time: 07-20-2015 7:30 am

Tennessee Gunman, Junior Wimbledon Champion

Air date/time: 07-17-2015 8:30 am


Air date/time: 07-17-2015 7:00 am
Air date/time: 07-16-2015 8:00 am
Air date/time: 07-16-2015 7:00 am

Interview - Discusses the Military Museum

Air date/time: 07-15-2015 8:00 am