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Drew Steele is the host of Daybreak on 92.5 FOX News. Born in Long Island, New York, Drew moved to Florida in 1986 to finish college at the University of South Florida with a degree in Business Finance.He has been on the radio in Southwest Florida for over 24 years. Drew has also had a successful music career. In 2000 he signed a contract with EMI Music Publishing. He has worked with artists such as John Rich of country duo Big and Rich, John Michael Montgomery, Trick Pony, Selena Gomez, Chris Kirkpatrick of Nsync and many others. Drew has had Billboard Top 20 hits as well as movie soundtracks. Drew is still writing and producing music today. Throughout his over 24 years in local radio, Drew watched Southwest Florida grow and change, which piqued his interest in local and national politics. He has always been, and remains, a strong conservative voice among his peers. His passion for politics inspired him to make his mark on political talk radio at 92.5 Fox News. In his spare time, Drew likes to write and produce music and spend time with his wife, his son and his Australian Shepherd.


Drew Steele has the Governor in Studio to discuss The Current Legislative Session and his Visit today to Fort Myers. He is visiting Southwest Florida today to announce February job numbers in Naples. Florida’s unemployment rate is 5.7%, down from 6.5% last year.

Air date/time: 03-27-2015 7:30 am

Drew Steele discusses the Pending Tax Cut Package that is going through Tallahassee as well as Sales Tax Holidays. .

Air date/time: 03-26-2015 8:30 am

Drew Discusses Yemen, Iran, and the recent conflict

Air date/time: 03-26-2015 8:00 am

Drew Steele Interviews Shawn Berner about a Film that is being made about him.

Air date/time: 03-26-2015 7:30 am

Drew Discusses UBER Drivers, Pine Island Expansion, and more with Lee County Commissioner Cecil L Pendergrass

Air date/time: 03-25-2015 7:30 am

Drew discusses recent conflicts on the board, High Stakes Testing, and Common Core.

Air date/time: 03-25-2015 6:30 am

Drew Steele Discusses the X-Files Reboot with Callers

Air date/time: 03-25-2015 5:45 am

Drew starts the show with a passionate segment all about Ted Cruz and his presidential buzz.

Air date/time: 03-25-2015 5:00 am

Drew Steele discusses the upcoming presidential election and current activity in Washington with Senator Marco Rubio

Air date/time: 03-23-2015 8:00 am

A Study was released showing that Texting Laws have Increased the Number of Texting and Driving Incidents.

Air date/time: 03-20-2015 8:00 am

Drew Steele discusses State and Regional Politics with Correspondent Javier Manjarris.

Air date/time: 03-20-2015 7:30 am

Drew Discusses the latest efforts to Stop High Stakes Testing and Federal Government Takeover of our Local Education System.

Air date/time: 03-20-2015 7:00 am

Drew Discusses the current efforts in Tallahassee to Stop High Stakes testing and the Common Core Standard. #StopCommonCore #StopCommonCoreFL

Air date/time: 03-18-2015 7:30 am

Drew Steele discusses the New Uber Regulations and concerns about Overbearing Government. He also discusses Pine Island and the growth on the island.

Air date/time: 03-18-2015 7:00 am

Drew Discusses the Hillary Clinton E-Mail Debacle in depth with Washing DC Correspondent Ford O Connell.

Air date/time: 03-17-2015 8:30 am

Drew Steele discusses government over-reach and regulation with callers.

Air date/time: 03-17-2015 8:00 am

Drew Discusses Hillary's E-Mail Troubles and Washington Politics with Fox News Radio's Jarred Halpern

Air date/time: 03-17-2015 7:00 am

Drew Takes calls and plays sound bytes on the discussion in DC to Ban certain types of rifle ammunition.

Air date/time: 03-17-2015 6:30 am

Drew Steele discusses the Missing Russian President Vladimir Putin

Air date/time: 03-17-2015 6:00 am

Drew Steele discusses the latest headlines on

Air date/time: 03-16-2015 8:30 am

Drew Steele discusses UBER, Pine Island Expansion, and recent County Commission meetings.

Air date/time: 03-16-2015 8:00 am

Drew Steele discusses Homeschooling Children and the challenges associated with it.

Air date/time: 03-16-2015 7:30 am

Drew Discusses High Stakes Testing, Common Core, and the Government's Control over Education.

Air date/time: 03-16-2015 7:00 am
Air date/time: 03-16-2015 6:30 am

Drew Steele Discusses the upcoming elections in Israel with Jessica Golloher

Air date/time: 03-16-2015 6:00 am
Air date/time: 03-11-2015 6:30 am

Drew Discusses DC Politics with our Washington Insider Ford O Connell

Air date/time: 03-10-2015 8:30 am

Drew Discusses the 35th Anniversary Eagle Luncheon

Air date/time: 03-10-2015 8:00 am

Drew Steele discusses Florida State Politics and the Latest out of Tallahassee

Air date/time: 03-10-2015 7:30 am

Drew Steele discusses Collier County Schools, Common Core and High Stakes Testing

Air date/time: 03-10-2015 6:00 am

Drew Discusses Foreign Policy, Immigration, and American Values

Air date/time: 03-10-2015 6:00 am

Drew Discusses the Freedom Park Project and the fundraiser that 92.5 FOX News helped with there.

Air date/time: 03-06-2015 6:00 am

Drew Discusses Florida Politics, jobs, Education and the bibi netanyahu Speech.

Air date/time: 03-05-2015 8:30 am

Drew Discusses Florida Politics, including Tolls, Clean Waterways, and Education

Air date/time: 03-05-2015 7:30 am

Drew lays it out on the Private E-Mail Address used by Hillary Clinton for Official State Department Business.

Air date/time: 03-05-2015 6:50 am

Drew Discusses Veterans and services and programs to help them once they return from Service.

Air date/time: 03-05-2015 6:30 am

Drew Steele has on Rachael Sutherland LIVE From Washington DC to discusses the Keystone Pipeline, and Drew takes some calls.

Air date/time: 03-05-2015 6:00 am

Drew Discusses an array of National and International Topics with James Carafano who is Vice President for the Kathryn and Shelby Cullom Davis Institute for National Security and Foreign Policy, and the E. W. Richardson Fellow

Air date/time: 03-04-2015 8:30 am

The Callers drive the show in this great segment

Air date/time: 03-04-2015 8:29 am

In this segment Drew takes time to examine the Private E-Mail Usage and how it may effect her White House Bid.

Air date/time: 03-04-2015 8:00 am

On Monday afternoon, Fort Myers City Council voted to bring in the Florida Department of Law Enforcement, to investigate the Fort Myers Police Department. Nate Allen's Attorney Sawyer Smith is in Studio to Discuss the case with Drew Steele.

Air date/time: 03-03-2015 8:00 am
Air date/time: 03-03-2015 8:00 am

Drew Discusses State and Regional Politics with Kevin Derby

Air date/time: 03-03-2015 7:30 am

Drew Steele has on Show Contributor / Firearms Specialist John Cherry from The Naples Gun Range to Discuss the President's Plan to Ban certain types of Rifle Ammunition.

Air date/time: 03-03-2015 7:00 am
Air date/time: 03-03-2015 7:00 am

Liverpool Legends is a Grammy nominated Beatles Tribute Band managed by Louise Harrison, the sister of George Harrison -

Air date/time: 03-02-2015 9:00 am

Drew Discusses Common Core Standards, Big Government Control in Education, and High Stakes testing.

Air date/time: 03-02-2015 8:30 am

Drew Steele has on Matt Hurley from Torchlight Production discusses the Net Neutrality Rules just adopted by the Federal Communications Commission.

Air date/time: 02-27-2015 8:00 am

Drew and Crew discuss the WAWA with Callers and Members of the Radio Station Staff.

Air date/time: 02-25-2015 8:00 am

Drew Steele discusses the Latest Collier County School Board Meeting, the Governors Executive Order and the 11 Grade FSA.

Air date/time: 02-25-2015 6:30 am

Drew Discusses Islamic Terror, Hostages, and the ISIS Threat.

Air date/time: 02-25-2015 6:00 am

Drew Steele discusses Foreign Policy and DSH Funding including sound clips.

Air date/time: 02-24-2015 8:00 am

Drew discusses the Liberal Message and funny moments from this years Oscars.

Air date/time: 02-23-2015 8:30 am

Drew has on Javier Manjarres from Shark Tank and he discusses his new book and Florida Politics.

Air date/time: 02-23-2015 8:00 am

Callers take both sides on the Rudi Giuliani Comments

Air date/time: 02-23-2015 7:30 am

Drew discusses recent School Board Meetings and asks about Common Core Testing.

Air date/time: 02-23-2015 7:00 am

Updates from the Collier County School Board and a discussion on Common Core and High Stakes Testing

Air date/time: 02-23-2015 6:30 am

Drew discusses a Study on Showering and how many men vs women take. He also Discusses recent comments from Former NY Mayor Rudy Giuliani

Air date/time: 02-23-2015 6:00 am

Drew discusses Local issues with Fort Myers and Cape Coral with Former Cape Coral Councilman Chris Berardi

Air date/time: 02-19-2015 7:30 am

Drew discusses Washington Politics, National Budgets, and foreign Policies. They also discuss the Joint Work Plan Projects including Clean Water Legislation.

Air date/time: 02-19-2015 7:00 am

Drew discusses The Ukrainian Ceasefire with Fox News

Air date/time: 02-19-2015 6:00 am

Drew discusses the latest Washington Politics and the threat from ISIS and Islamic Terror

Air date/time: 02-18-2015 8:30 am

Drew discusses The Senator's visit to Southwest Florida and his potential run for President.

Air date/time: 02-18-2015 8:00 am

Drew discusses Lee County Politics with Commissioner Brian Hammon

Air date/time: 02-18-2015 7:00 am

Drew discusses the latest video from ISIS showing the Beheading of 21 Christians

Air date/time: 02-18-2015 6:30 am

Drew discusses Common Core, High Stakes Testing, the Collier Choir Situation and more.

Air date/time: 02-18-2015 6:30 am

Drew Steele discusses the Islamic State, ISIS, and the current state of the Middle East.

Air date/time: 02-17-2015 8:00 am

Drew Discusses National Politics and Foreign Policy with Ford O Connell

Air date/time: 02-17-2015 7:30 am

Drew Discusses Florida Politics

Air date/time: 02-17-2015 7:30 am

Drew Discusses the American Spirit Movement

Air date/time: 02-16-2015 7:00 am

Drew Discusses The Governor and State Politics with Kevin Derby

Air date/time: 02-12-2015 7:00 am

Drew Steele goes National with Ford O Connell!

Air date/time: 02-10-2015 8:30 am

Drew Steele discusses Bonita Springs desire to have a High School, the DRGR, and Zoning issues

Air date/time: 02-10-2015 8:00 am

Drew discusses recent board meetings, high stakes testing, and Common Core

Air date/time: 02-10-2015 7:30 am
Air date/time: 02-10-2015 6:29 am

People were asked to sign a Petition to "Support Illiteracy", and Most Did. Funny Segment!

Air date/time: 02-10-2015 6:00 am
Air date/time: 02-09-2015 8:45 am

Callers speak out about the manipulated Temperature Data and the Rising Gas Prices.

Air date/time: 02-09-2015 8:30 am

WINK News Reporter LINDSEY SABLAN has uncovered a growing trend in the number of parents choosing to not vaccinate their children.

Air date/time: 02-09-2015 8:00 am

Drew Steele discusses the latest propaganda in the Global Warming Hoax

Air date/time: 02-09-2015 7:00 am

Drew Steele has on Fox News Correspondent Tonya J. Powers to discuss this bizarre story out of Missouri

Air date/time: 02-09-2015 6:30 am

Drew Steele discusses the President requesting WAR Powers from Congress

Air date/time: 02-09-2015 6:00 am

Van Ellison, president and CEO of St. Matthew's House, a Collier homeless shelter

Air date/time: 02-09-2015 12:00 am

A Great Segment of Daybreak with Drew Steele

Air date/time: 02-09-2015 12:00 am

92.5 FOX News National Political Correspondent Ford O Connell discusses DC Politics from Inside the Beltway!

Air date/time: 02-06-2015 8:30 am

Drew Steele discusses Local and state Politics and Policy with Corrospondant Javier Manjarres from

Air date/time: 02-06-2015 7:00 am

Drew Steele discusses the State of the Local and National Economy with Dean Stansel

Air date/time: 02-06-2015 6:30 am

Drew discusses Jim's Career at FOX news and in the News Business. He also discusses current events and his local appearance.

Air date/time: 02-03-2015 8:00 am

Drew Interviews Carole Borden, the Executive Director of Guardian Angel Medical Service Dogs about the upcoming event, For The Love of Dogs and Chocolate. The Von Liebig Art Center, 585 Park Street, Naples, Florida 34102, February 4th, Wednesday 5:00 PM - 7:00 PM

Air date/time: 02-02-2015 7:40 am

Drew discusses Mike Huckabee's new Book, his trip to Fort Myers, and his stand on Common Core and Big Government.

Air date/time: 01-30-2015 7:30 am

Drew discusses the Representatives appearance tonight at the Town Hall Meeting, and being appointment Chair for Utilities.

Air date/time: 01-29-2015 8:30 am

Drew discusses the Farmers Market Shut Down, and the new laws preventing harassing bicyclists.

Air date/time: 01-29-2015 8:00 am

Drew discusses City Debt, Public Private Partnerships, and Employee Reclassification

Air date/time: 01-29-2015 7:00 am

Drew Steele discusses Impact Fees and Future Projects with Commissioner Brian Hamman

Air date/time: 01-28-2015 7:00 am

Drew discusses ISIS and the recent Terror Videos Recieved

Air date/time: 01-28-2015 6:00 am

Drew discusses Foreign Policy, the 2016 Presidential Election, and recent developments in Washington DC.

Air date/time: 01-27-2015 8:30 am

Drew Discusses Florida politics

Air date/time: 01-27-2015 8:00 am

Florida Politics, The VA, and High Stakes Testing

Air date/time: 01-27-2015 7:00 am

Drew talks School Board Politics and the education of your children

Air date/time: 01-27-2015 6:30 am

Drew Discusses a 2016 Presidential Run with Carly Fiorina, an American former business executive and was the Republican nominee for the United States Senate from California in 2010

Air date/time: 01-22-2015 8:00 am