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Drew Steele is the host of Daybreak on 92.5 FOX News. Born in Long Island, New York, Drew moved to Florida in 1986 to finish college at the University of South Florida with a degree in Business Finance.He has been on the radio in Southwest Florida for over 24 years. Drew has also had a successful music career. In 2000 he signed a contract with EMI Music Publishing. He has worked with artists such as John Rich of country duo Big and Rich, John Michael Montgomery, Trick Pony, Selena Gomez, Chris Kirkpatrick of Nsync and many others. Drew has had Billboard Top 20 hits as well as movie soundtracks. Drew is still writing and producing music today. Throughout his over 24 years in local radio, Drew watched Southwest Florida grow and change, which piqued his interest in local and national politics. He has always been, and remains, a strong conservative voice among his peers. His passion for politics inspired him to make his mark on political talk radio at 92.5 Fox News. In his spare time, Drew likes to write and produce music and spend time with his wife, his son and his Australian Shepherd.


Mrs. Gingrich is the author of the New York Times best-selling children’s series featuring Ellis the Elephant.

Air date/time: 11-26-2014 8:20 am

In the paperback edition of his groundbreaking new book Breakout, former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich sketches America’s future, brimming with possibilities and prosperity.

Air date/time: 11-26-2014 8:00 am

Callers discuss various topics

Air date/time: 11-26-2014 7:00 am

Kevin Derby is the associate editor of the Sunshine State News.

Air date/time: 11-24-2014 8:40 am

Liz Klimas is the technology and science editor for The Blaze.

Air date/time: 11-24-2014 8:10 am

Fox News Radio's Simon Owen reporting from London on the Stalled Iranian Arms Deal.

Air date/time: 11-24-2014 6:10 am

Ford O’Connell is a political analyst and Republican strategist. A seasoned campaign veteran at the local, state and national levels, Mr. O'Connell worked on the 2008 McCain-Palin presidential campaign.

Air date/time: 11-21-2014 8:10 am

Callers discuss various topics with Drew Steele

Air date/time: 11-20-2014 7:00 am

Several callers engage Drew on a number of topics

Air date/time: 11-19-2014 7:00 am

Drew Discusses DC politics with Ford O Connell. They talk about the Gruber Comments, the Keystone Pipeline, and the New Senate.

Air date/time: 11-18-2014 8:30 am

A veteran in Southwest Florida had his account through the VA hacked twice in a matter of two months. Frank Taylor served in the Navy in Vietnam, but today sitting on his own couch talking to WINK News, he said he did not feel safe.

Air date/time: 11-18-2014 8:00 am

Jose Canseco somehow is making his strange month even more bizarre. The retired slugger apparently needs a few ways to make an extra buck, as he expressed desires Monday to auction off his severed finger on eBay.

Air date/time: 11-18-2014 7:00 am

This is a segment of callers during an Open Line Segment of Daybrerak with Drew Steele.

Air date/time: 11-17-2014 8:40 am

Jeff Birnbaum leads a team in Washington and London that gives strategic advice to coalitions, companies and governments about handling the media and issue campaigns. An award-winning journalist, Jeff has worked for the premier news outlets in the United States.

Air date/time: 11-17-2014 8:10 am

A Paris prosecutor said Monday that a 22-year-old homegrown jihadist appears in a video showing a decapitated American aid worker and the beheading deaths of Syrian soldiers.

Air date/time: 11-17-2014 7:10 am

Drew discusses Washington Politics and more with Jeff Birnbaum

Air date/time: 11-17-2014 7:00 am

Drew discusses State Politics including The Governor's Race and the outcome.

Air date/time: 11-17-2014 6:30 am

Callers react LIVE With Drew Steele about the pending Charges and Civil Unrest in Ferguson, MO following a Police Shooting.

Air date/time: 11-17-2014 6:30 am

DEA meets with 49ers doctors as Drug Enforcement Administration investigates potential violations of controlled substance act. Agency spokesman Rusty Payne described Sunday’s actions as 'administrative in nature, not criminal.'

Air date/time: 11-17-2014 6:00 am

President Barack Obama on Sunday confirmed the murder of U.S. aid worker Peter Kassig by militant extremist group ISIS. A former U.S. Army Ranger, 26-year-old Kassig was working as a medical aid to Syrians escaping civil war when he was captured in Syria in October of last year, the Associated Press reports. He converted to Islam in captivity and went by the name Abdul-Rahman.

Air date/time: 11-17-2014 6:00 am

Host Drew Steele discusses the President's Pending Executive Action with Rachael Sutherland

Air date/time: 11-17-2014 6:00 am

Drew discusses Immigration Reform and National Politics with FOX News Radio's Rachael Sutherland.

Air date/time: 11-14-2014 8:00 am

Drew talks to Liz Climas about recent strange and unusual news stories.

Air date/time: 11-11-2014 12:00 am

Drew discusses the Collier County School Board and the handling of the Barron Collier High School's Choir being able to perform in a local Church.

Air date/time: 11-10-2014 7:30 am
Air date/time: 11-10-2014 7:00 am

Drew discusses the Lame Duck Congress Session and what we can expect.

Air date/time: 11-10-2014 7:00 am

Air date/time: 11-10-2014 12:00 am

Drew discusses news of interest from The Blaze.

Air date/time: 11-07-2014 8:00 am

Drew discussed Florida Politics and the recent Mid-Term Elections with Javier Manjarres, Daybreak Correspondent and Managing editor of The Shark Tank

Air date/time: 11-07-2014 7:00 am

Drew Steele discusses Cape Coral Politics and an incident involving Sexual Offenders living near a Cape Coral Elementary School.

Air date/time: 11-06-2014 8:00 am

Drew discusses Recent Election Wins and Fort Myers Politics.

Air date/time: 11-06-2014 7:00 am

What would the world look like if America never existed? Dinesh D’Souza, best-selling author and celebrated filmmaker, explores that fascinating question in this stirring, thought-provoking documentary, AMERICA: Imagine a World Without Her.

Air date/time: 10-31-2014 12:00 am

Daybreak Host Drew Steele has on U.S. Congressman Curt Clawson to discuss Progress in Washington, Local Issues and he took questions from callers.

Air date/time: 10-30-2014 8:00 am

What would the world look like if America never existed? Dinesh D’Souza, best-selling author and celebrated filmmaker, explores that fascinating question in this stirring, thought-provoking documentary, AMERICA: Imagine a World Without Her. Through reenactments of landmark events in America’s history and insightful interviews with leading historians, D’Souza brings us face-to-face with the brave heroes who built a great nation—and offers a powerful defense against critics intent upon "the shaming of America." With America, D’Souza asserts his unwavering belief in the country he loves, and his faith in a hopeful future forged from its incomparable past.

Air date/time: 10-30-2014 8:00 am

Host Drew Steele Has On Governor Rick Scott to discuss Florida Politics and the upcoming midterm elections.

Air date/time: 10-28-2014 8:40 am

Drew Steele has on Bridgitte Gabriel who gives the history of Islam in 5 Minutes!

Air date/time: 10-24-2014 8:00 am

Didn't get a chance to hear it live? A 92.5 Fox News Exclusive. Drew Steele, John Morgan, and former Collier County Sheriff Don Hunter in a passionate debate about Amendment #2 and their positions on medical marijuana.

Air date/time: 10-21-2014 1:00 pm

Drew has on Georgia Hiller to talk Collier County Politics

Air date/time: 10-16-2014 7:00 am

Host Drew Steele moderates a debate between the candidates for State House, District 79

Air date/time: 10-16-2014 7:00 am

New York Times best-selling authors Dick Morris and Eileen McGann, in their upcoming release by Humanix Books, contend that President Obama is at war with the Constitution and its provisions that provide for checks and balances.

Air date/time: 10-13-2014 8:30 am

Drew Discusses Recent Law Enforcement Situations

Air date/time: 10-13-2014 8:00 am

Drew discusses Tourism and Local Politics with Clerk Linda Doggett.

Air date/time: 10-07-2014 7:00 am

Drew discusses Medicinal Marijuana, Amendment 2 and the result of Legalization so far in Colorado.

Air date/time: 10-06-2014 7:00 am

This weekends Fundraiser is providing resources to fulfill the treatment and educational needs of our pediatric oncology and hematology patient population and their families at The Children’s Hospital of Southwest Florida.

Air date/time: 10-02-2014 8:00 am

Drew Steele asks each of the Collier County School Candidates for District 3 about Common Core, High Stakes Testing, and the Future of Education in Collier County.

Air date/time: 10-02-2014 7:00 am

Drew Steele has on Bonita Springs Mayor Bill Nelson to discuss the City, and recent City Actions.

Air date/time: 10-01-2014 8:00 am

Drew Discusses Amendment 2 with Dr. Jessica Spencer

Air date/time: 09-25-2014 8:00 am

pastor visiting Southwest Florida is on a mission to inform Americans about the dangers of Islamic extremists and ISIS. He has a unique perspective. He grew up as a radical Muslim in Iran.

Air date/time: 09-19-2014 8:00 am

Drew discusses Florida and National Politics with Congressman Curt Clawson

Air date/time: 09-19-2014 7:00 am

Drew Steele discusses Fort Myers Politics with Mayor Randy Henderson.

Air date/time: 09-18-2014 8:00 am

Drew has on Anita MonCrief to discuss her time with ACORN and what she experienced.

Air date/time: 09-18-2014 7:00 am

Former Florida teacher Kathleen Jasper discusses stopping Common Core and High Stakes Testing.

Air date/time: 09-16-2014 7:15 am

A Lee County Teacher Came on the show and told us about how he was told that he was not to discuss or teach anything about 9-11 to his 5th Grade Students.

Air date/time: 09-15-2014 7:45 am

Drew Interviews Collier County Commissioner Georgia A. Hiller about Collier County, recent meetings, and the fight against Common Core.

Air date/time: 09-10-2014 8:30 am

Drew Discusses State Politics with Florida State Representative Heather FItzenhagen

Air date/time: 09-10-2014 8:00 am

Drew Steele has on Lee County School Board Member and Common Core Opponent to discuss last night's Lee County School Board Meeting.

Air date/time: 09-10-2014 7:00 am

Drew and Crew come in for a Special LIVE Daybreak - Stop Common Core Presentation on Labor Day.

Air date/time: 09-01-2014 8:00 am

Guest Host Michael Francis discusses the news of the Day with Mike Opelka from The Blaze

Air date/time: 08-29-2014 8:30 am

Program Director Michael Francis has Sheriff Mike Scott in Studio to discuss, a Recent accident with one of his cars, the St. Louis Rioting, and a discussion on the militarization of Local Police.

Air date/time: 08-29-2014 8:30 am

Michael Francis discusses Current Issues in Collier County and discusses Veterans Healthcare Concerns.

Air date/time: 08-29-2014 8:10 am

Program Director Michael Francis filling in for Drew Steele, interviews Board Chairman Tom Scott about his vote to Eliminate High Stakes Testing from the Lee County School System.

Air date/time: 08-29-2014 7:00 am

Drew discusses Life In Washington DC with recently elected Congressman Curt Clawson

Air date/time: 08-26-2014 8:00 am

Drew Steele has on Kathleen Jasper, Thomas Scott Chairman, Lee County School District, and Chris Quackenbush to discuss the Lee County School Boards move to Stop High Stakes Common Core Testing.

Air date/time: 08-14-2014 7:00 am

Ian Hickin interviews Scott Tuttle, Deputy Director of Public Safety and Chief of EMS #2 (5:00) Scotts observations during and after the storm and the personal impact it has on his life. He tells a personal story of how the community helped him while he was working doubles at EMS.

Air date/time: 08-13-2014 8:00 am

10 years ago today, the world was watching Southwest Florida as well as a team of weather scientists from across the globe. The eye of the storm was here...the best hurricane scientists in the world are across the alley in Miami. Here's Michael with Richard Pasch, Ph.D senior hurricane specialists at NOAA's (Noah's) National Hurricane Center.

Air date/time: 08-13-2014 7:00 am

Ian Hickin interviews Benjamin Abes (A Bis), Operations Manager at Lee County EMS (2:59) The Chief talks about his experience at the Shelter in Alva

Air date/time: 08-13-2014 7:00 am


Air date/time: 08-13-2014 12:00 am


Air date/time: 08-13-2014 12:00 am

Ian Hickin Captain Matt Powell, West Dist. Commander, Lee County Sheriff’s Office (4:30) On August 13, 2004 Captain Powell was one of the first responders to reach Fort Myers Beach following Hurricane Charley. He tells of his experience as he crosses the Matanzas Pass Bridge and got the first glimpses of what was left of Fort Myers Beach.

Air date/time: 08-13-2014 12:00 am

Wink News Meterorlogist Jim Farrell shares his memories of covering Hurricane Charley

Air date/time: 08-13-2014 12:00 am

Drew Steele has on the Florida Congressional Candidates to discuss the coming election.

Air date/time: 08-12-2014 7:00 am

Drew Steele has on the Florida Congressional Candidates to discuss the coming election.

Air date/time: 08-11-2014 7:00 am

Drew Interviews each of the Candidates for Lee County Commission District 4.

Air date/time: 08-08-2014 7:00 am

Drew Interviews each of the Candidates for Lee County Commission District 4.

Air date/time: 08-07-2014 7:00 am

Drew Interviews each of the Candidates for Lee County Commission District 4.

Air date/time: 08-06-2014 7:00 am

Drew Steele welcomed former Florida teacher and founder of Kathleen Jasper to discuss Florida Educational Standards, Common Core, and recent School Board Meetings.

Air date/time: 07-31-2014 8:00 am

Drew Steele is having on each of the Candidates in the upcoming election on Daybreak to talk about there candidacy. Today he had on Penny Taylor, Candidate for Collier County Commission.

Air date/time: 07-31-2014 7:00 am

WINK News Anchor Cayle Thompson shares very personal story about how his identity, his name was stolen and the process and hurdles of clearing your name after an identity theft.

Air date/time: 07-30-2014 8:35 am

Drew Steele discusses the Immigration Crisis and Other Florida News with U.S. Senator for Florida, Marco Rubio

Air date/time: 07-28-2014 8:00 am

Drew Steele talks Local Elections, absentee ballots, and early voting with the Lee County Supervisor of Elections Sharon Harrington.

Air date/time: 07-28-2014 7:00 am

Michael in for Drew, has on Chris Quackenbush to discuss Glenn Becks New Movie and Common Core in the State of Florida.

Air date/time: 07-23-2014 7:30 am

Drew Steele has on Representative Matt Caldwell to discuss Florida Politics and Local Issues.

Air date/time: 07-16-2014 8:00 am

Drew Discusses the Border Crisis with Dennis Michael Lynch who is making a film to document the Crisis on our Nation's Southern Border.

Air date/time: 07-16-2014 8:00 am

Drew discusses the Border Crisis and Washington Politics with James Jay Carafano, Ph.D., Vice President for the Kathryn and Shelby Cullom Davis Institute for National Security and Foreign Policy, and the E. W. Richardson Fellow.

Air date/time: 07-15-2014 8:00 am

Drew Steele has Former Teacher and Educational Activist Kathleen Jasper in Studio to discuss Common Core Education and the future of Public Education in Florida.

Air date/time: 07-15-2014 7:00 am

Drew Steele discusses The Lee County Transit System and Recent Groundbreaking Ceremonies in Lee County.

Air date/time: 07-14-2014 8:00 am

19th District Congressman Curt Clawson comes on with Drew Steele to discuss his first 2 weeks in Office and his recent Committee Appointments.

Air date/time: 07-11-2014 11:00 am

Drew Discusses the News of the Day with Mike Opelka from The Blaze.

Air date/time: 07-11-2014 8:30 am

Drew discussed Fracking and the Oil Drilling project in Collier County with Collier County Commissioner Georgia Hiller.

Air date/time: 07-10-2014 8:00 am

Drew Steele Interviews Jim Roach and Dane Eagle regarding the ethics complaint filed by Jim Roach.

Air date/time: 07-02-2014 12:00 am

Drew Steele talks about recent and upcoming Honor Flights with Sean Lux who is with the Local Program

Air date/time: 06-30-2014 8:00 am

Michael Francis talks Florida Politics and the upcoming elections with Chariman Leslie Dewer, from the Florida Republican Party

Air date/time: 06-27-2014 8:30 am

Keith Doxie from the Miles of Smiles Foundation to discusses the Equine Assisted Psychotherapy & Equine Assisted Learning programs for veterans with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

Air date/time: 06-27-2014 8:00 am

Michael Francis filling in for Drew Steele. Michael has on a Cell Phone Security Specialist to discuss you phone and how to protect the data that you have on there.

Air date/time: 06-27-2014 5:29 am

The Governor discusses State Politics and recent elections.

Air date/time: 06-26-2014 8:00 am

Congressman Elect Curt Clawson talks to Drew Steele while preparing to leave for Washington DC to be Sworn In.

Air date/time: 06-25-2014 7:00 am

Drew and Senator Rubio discuss ISIS, VA Hospitals and FL Governor Race

Air date/time: 06-24-2014 8:00 am

Retired Lieutenant Colonel Oliver North is in Studio to discuss the Crisis in Iraq and the Mideast as well as his new book Counterfeit Lies.

Air date/time: 06-20-2014 8:00 am
Air date/time: 06-19-2014 12:00 am

Drew discusses Lee Tran and Other County Projects with Lee County Commissioner Brian Hammond

Air date/time: 06-18-2014 8:30 am